This podcast came about to develop the world of my novel, An Evil Before, which itself emerged from a game of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons over twenty years ago! Producing a podcast campaign in the same region of Yorden, the world of the novel, developed as a great vehicle to do just that!

Transforming the dots of memorable moments in the game into the first-draft narrative revealed the potential for my heroes Angrim of Laurel and Aviya Borne. Connecting those dots developed the framework for well rounded characters who cradle dreams, hide weaknesses, yield to fear, yet aspire to their truest selves.

Visit my website at to learn more about my world,Yorden. Explore the map which encompasses both the region for An Evil Before and The Empire’s Edge: Brimroar Hills. Read excerpts from An Evil Before to get a feel for the world. Read bios of the characters, descriptions of places, and the ancient lore and myths of the people. Follow my blog where we can share writing ideas, learn how I transformed a game of D&D into a novel, and suggest world and game building ideas for both The Empire’s Edge: Brimroar Hills and After’s Fugitive, the in progress sequel to An Evil Before.

I look forward to seeing you there!